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I have been the Chairman of the Ducks Unlimited Spring Bar B Q for six years.  In that time it has grown from 90 people, to this year when we had a two night event with almost 1,600 people.  Growth like that takes a lot of work.  But just like how impressive the numbers are, one of the fastest growing parts of our event is the Live Auction.  We have seriously looked at every part of our fund raising program and wanted to upgrade the Live Auction to be as good as it can get.  We know when Rohn is at the podium we are going to grab every dollar that's in the room.  This year our Live Auction brought in over $157,000.00.  Not many do that and we have to give credit where credit is due and that is Rohn Nelson.  People enjoy his banter, and they listen to what is going on when he is on a roll.  That's the way you make money.  I've watched auctioneers all around the state, and there is no comparison.  Don't short your event.  Get the best you can get.  Get Rohn Nelson.  Quality counts for a lot when you want to put your best foot forward and Rohn is a quality guy.  I rate getting the place you hold your event scheduled and getting Rohn Nelson scheduled as the top priority in getting ready to raise some money.  Don't wait, make the prioity calls early!

Marlin Scoby
Area Chairman Ducks Unlimited
Anchorage Spring Bar B Q

I have known John for several years and watched him work his magic at many Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation banquets. His personality just seems to fit everywhere he goes. His subtle humor catches most folks off guard and their hands just go up in the air when it comes time to bid. Last weekend, after a long live auction, he got the crowd involved and successfully doubled the normal bid for the 2008 head table. I’m convinced John is the best in the West and will get the most out of anything you want to sell. Keep up the great work, your success is our success.

Mike Hale
Washington State Volunteer Chair, RMEF

I just had to write in a big thumbs up for John and Rohn Nelson. I have had the pleasure of working with both of them in Washington and Alaska at our fundraising banquets for the National Wild Turkey Federation, and I know that we have the best auctioneers possible. They both are very knowledgeable of the organizations and products that they are representing, and do an outstanding job of promoting not only the merchandise, but the goals and missions of our organization to the public. They are a real pleasure to work with, and make the job a lot more fun for the volunteers during an otherwise stressful day of putting on a banquet and auction.

I know that when John or Rohn are done with the last item on a live auction, that we have done the best job possible, and I can't remember a time where I felt like they left any money in the room. They are very personable, and the crowds always love coming to see these guys work an auction.

In ten years of working with John and Rohn, I have not found any better auctioneers for our events, and recommend them to all of our chapters in Washington, Alaska and British Columbia. They do a great job for us, and will for any event you may have planned. John and Rohn will definitely add a touch of class to your auction... guaranteed!

Dan McKinley
Spokane, WA
Past NWTF Regional Director for Washington, Alaska, and Western British Columbia

My wife and I have been on the Tri-Cities Washington Chapter for the past 6 years and I the Chapter chair for 3 of them. John Nelson has been our auctioneer for all but one of those years. Every year we hand out comment cards and the one positive comments we get from our members is "You guy's have a great auctioneer". The one year John could not come to our event we used a Gentleman who I saw at the National convention the year before in Reno and he did ok. John Nelson is a professional on stage and most of all knows the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations Mission inside and out, as he portray's that on stage. He is funny ,witty and loves to laugh. I know that if John is chosen for the National Convention you will have him back as I hope to have him back in the Tri cities as long as I'm a member!

Sincerly: Mike & Marijo Bowe
Kennewick Washington

I am writing you a letter of endorsement for "Open Buckle Auction Service" and John Nelson-Auctioneer. I became a volunteer 9 years ago for our chapter and met John at our annual auction. He does a super job for our annual fund raiser. He is very helpful to our group with suggestions as to how to improve our event and was always a phone call away if we needed information. He knows how to handle a crowd and is very good at handling conflicts if they should arise around the bid process (which happens occasionally)--he is very helpful with the spotters and especially well versed about the RMEF at the State and National level. I'm not that good with words but "John does a heck--of--a--good job".

I am also a member of the "Lower Columbia FlyFishers" and I approached John six years ago about our club starting an auction to benefit local non-profit organizations concerning fish and fish habitat and youth events. John took the time to help us lay-out the auction process. We recently held our 6th annual auction and raised $18,000 which we distributed to various organizations. So, with all that said--I have the highest respect for the "Open Buckle Auction Service" and especially John Nelson.
If I can be of further assistance please contact me.

Respectfully, Al Quick
Longview, Washington

I would like to reinforce the fact that John Nelson and his Brother Rohn would do a great job of Auctioneering for the National RMEF Convention.
I have worked with both John and Rohn Nelson, and they do an extraordinary job. Having done many BGB’s with Open Buckle Auction Service, I know they would be superb. They are quick to wit and really do know how to get in the flow and read a crowd. One thought would be to have one of them do the ladies auction; I think you would find they would be personable and exciting. One other advantage to utilizing John and Rohn is their spouses. They work as hard as the guys do and really compliment them. I have asked Kimberly and Lori to help me several times at BGB’s and they have always been eager to pitch in and do what ever it takes to make things work smoothly. Keep up the great work, and thanks for your consideration.

Doug Marsh, RMEF Regional Director, E. WA and Alaska
Omak, Washington

John and Kim
Just wanted to thank you guys again for all the help at our banquet this weekend. You both did a great job again-as usual. We appreciated Kim's help with the live auction announcing, as usual...
I know we have you on the schedule for next year John, but it almost sounded like after that, you didn't know what was going to happen. Boy, we sure don't want to lose you at all in the future John, because you make the banquet for us. If you need to up your fees, just let us know, as we would be willing to pay you more for your services. From what I heard John, probably at least a third of the people show up at our event just to see you, and there were several other locals that couldn't make it, that wanted to make it to the banquet just to see you.
Tell you the truth, if we lose you John, after next year, I'm not sure if we would continue the chapter or not, if we had to use an average (or below) auctioneer.

Well, take care, and keep us on your schedule for next year.

Curt Wood, NWTF
Davenport, Washington

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