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I like to see a program identifying the different raffles and the rules with the amount of each raffle program. You can have a general raffle or you can have a bucket raffle. In the general raffle the attendee puts their tickets into a large drum or container. A bucket raffle the tickets go into the individual bucket representing that item. Make sure the buckets are identified and the item as well. If you have a special raffle that is of value, leave it until the end of the live auction. As in the silent auction you can list your different raffle items and draw winners for each item ahead of time. You can then do a print out (for each table)or use an overhead projector to identify your winners.

ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR STATE GAMING COMMISSION for the state regulations in your state. You will need a Raffle License for any raffles.

This is a very simple way to make more money. When people attend your event they usually have a limited amount of cash in their pockets when they arrive. Assign each gaming table and your raffle ticket sellers a book of credit vouchers. I usually order the vouchers in a NCR form, two pages. Once the game or raffle seller gets one complete they should turn them in to the finance table.

The finance table should have a sheet assigned to each bidder; a master bill is what it is generally called. The original copy of this voucher will be inserted/stapled to that bill. Once the bill is paid, the original copy is marked paid and the buyer is to receive the carbon copy. I assure you, you will see a CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF PROFIT IN ALL OF YOUR RAFFLES USING THIS METHOD. This method allows your buyer to spend more money without having to reach for their wallets. At the end of the evening they can pay for all of their charges and purchases with a credit card, check or cash. A credit voucher should include:


(Your Organization) ANNUAL BANQUET

Name: _________________________________________________

Bidder #: _____________

Charges this Voucher: $________

Description of Charges: _______________________________

Signature of Bidder: ___________________________________________

Raffle Sellers Signature: ________________________________________

Date: _____________________

Signer agrees to pay all above charges in full today and acknowledges above charges are true and correct.

Not to be used for cash or bar charges

There are several different ways to sell raffle tickets. Depending upon how many people you have at your function you should have a minimum of 2 raffle sellers for every 100 people and increase the sellers accordingly. Several organizations will give each seller a color-coded dot. As soon as a sale is completed, they give the buyer a dot to put on their lapel. This assists in recognizing who has bought their tickets. Several of the buyers will try to collect all of the color-coded dots.

Each raffle seller should be familiar with the prices of each raffle. I would suggest having at least one person in charge of the raffle people. Each person should sign for his or her tickets and money they start out with, known as a bank. Each raffle person should have some credit vouchers in their moneybags and be familiar on how they work. If in fact during the course of the evening the raffle seller would have to use the rest room, have them turn in their banks/tickets to the person in charge. I am not questioning the integrity of the sellers, but you can tell them the state gaming laws charge that all money and raffles need to stay in the room the event is being held.

Who should sell the raffle tickets? Remember you are putting on the event of the year; you have your targeted audience in attendance, but this one time. If you have enough people on the committee use them. They are usually familiar with the audience and can solicit funds out of that aspect. Several organizations will hire ladies to sell the tickets at a 10% commission of what they sell.

I would not recommend using high school students or children to sell the tickets. You might get 1 out of 3 sellers that have an outgoing personality. The others will probably be nervous and intimidated.

Maintain a professional and "classy" event. Raffle ladies can be beautiful, but I suggest they all be properly attired. You don’t want to offend your audience. You can get students from the local college/university, or rodeo club if you have one in your town. I have seen events where they will hire the local sports cheerleaders. Some committees will get polo shirts, T-shirts, hunting vests and baseball caps. This attire will stand out and let the sellers be identified easily.

You can structure your raffle tickets in books as well. The price of 5 tickets is $20. They receive 5 tickets and one of the tickets is marked bonus. If you have a bonus raffle only those tickets marked bonus go into that bucket. You can have more than one bonus item.

Select the items you wish to put into this raffle. Make sure you have one bucket for each item prior to the auction starting. Any container is good enough; as long it will do the task it was intended to do, hold tickets. Number the bucket and the item corresponding to the bucket it goes into. I label each bucket with a description of the item as well.

If you have a gun board or will be giving any type of firearms out in your event in a raffle, silent auction, or live auction make sure your audience is aware that all winners must have a background check done before they can receive their firearm. This check does not include black powder weapons so far. In your program list the business name, point of contact, telephone number, and address of the people that will arrange for them to pick up their guns. Prior to the event starting I have a form I assign to the committee person in charge of the guns and have them complete it. It is a three-page NCR form and it looks like this:

Make: ______________________________ Model: ___________

Firearms Dealer: ______________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________________

Winner’s Name: ________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________________

Chapter Name: _____________ / Banquet Date: ___________

Winner: Bring this copy to claim your gun

White Copy: Winner Pink Copy: Chapter Copy Bottom Copy: FFL Dealer

A general raffle is a raffle where you display the raffle items on a table. The buyer has the opportunity to win any of the items on the table. All the tickets are thrown into a large container/tumbler and the names or numbers are pulled out and the winning ticket holder announced. Some events will let the winning ticket holder choose their own items. If you have the time this is great. The only drawback to this, you could have quite a line of people waiting to select their items. I suggest letting the first 5 winners pick their item and after that it is the committee who selects for them. Another way is to have all of the winning tickets numbered and the winners are then put on to a template/graph and put on an overhead projector. It does not take long to make an overhead graph prior to your event.

You can color-code your raffles or tables. Call them the Red, White, and Blue Tables. You announce in advance, that you will be pulling tickets for the color of a table and those people are to look at their numbers.

This raffle usually generates quite a lot of interest. You could have a golf, fishing, camping, or hunting package. In each package have items indigenous to the title of that package. Place a bucket or tumbler on each of the tables and let the buyers throw the tickets in the package they are interested in. ONE TICKET pulled and the winner will receive that entire package. I have done upland game, waterfowl, and big game packages with a rifle or shotgun on each of the tables. This will generate more interest and you will sell more tickets. Here is a sample of what I put on package that was titled the Turkey Hunting Package:
1 each Benelli Nova Camouflage Shotgun
1 each Camo coat / 1 each Camo pants / 1 each Camo shirt / 1 each Camo Cap
1 each pair of binoculars / 1 each set of calls / 1 set of decoys / 1 each back pack

Display the items on a mannequin to show the audience all the items they will win. Make sure they know one ticket will be pulled and the winner gets it all. We sold the tickets as a stretch raffle: One stretch for $20 / 3 stretches for $50 / 7 stretches for $100

It is best to have a local sporting goods store sponsor the entire package. We placed their banner on the table or behind on a display board. Anyone who won this package could take the clothing back to the store and exchange it for the size that fit them.

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Note: OPEN BUCKLE AUCTION SERVICE WILL NOT SELL THE AMERICAN FLAG OR ANY FORM OF THE BIBLE IN A LIVE AUCTION. If you have either of these items in your event merchandise, please give them away as door prizes! DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE LIVE AUCTION! Thank you for understanding.

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