Open Buckle Auction Service
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Guys lets face it, if you want to get a few extra days in the field or on the water, don’t forget the ladies. You can always find items for this table. You can do this as a bucket raffle for the ladies only. Not hard and usually generates money. Do not be afraid to put hunts, fishing trips, rafting, dinner outing etc. on this table. Some events will put a ladies rifle or bow on the table.

Several of the events I work will have young adults attending. You can always get donors to give up something for the youth programs. If it were a bird hunting organization I would try to get a .20 gauge shotgun, either a single shot or pump. I always begin my auctions with this statement. I acknowledge all of the children in the audience to stand up and then I make this statement. "The Future just stood up and stands before you. What we do tonight will insure them a place in the world of conservation.” With any luck they could get elected president and remember you!

This raffle is usually for one to three items. Most events pick out a $200 item. You will need 500 double numbered tickets. Each double ticket is thrown into a container. If the buyer pulls out ticket numbered 0500, they pay $5.00, and so on. This raffle if done properly can generate around $1252.50. Everyone likes to gamble.

This raffle gets quite a bit of attention only because of the amount of tickets the buyer will receive. The guy with the longest arms is usually quite busy for this raffle. You will need quite a few tickets for this raffle. Most events will charge $20 a stretch. The stretch can be done either way: Place the ticket under their shoe or boot and let them use their hand and stretch it over their head. The second way is to have them grab the ticket and stretch their arms out. Remember this, raffle tickets are only paper. Now the buyer is receiving lots of tickets, not 5 tickets, but 30 to 50 tickets! Never use a square box to put these tickets in. I would recommend a big tumbler; square boxes tend to get tickets stuck in the flaps. Everyone wants to see the tumbler go around.

Tell your buyer to write down the first number and the last number on their program. If a number is called out, any number they have in between has to be theirs.

Using a deck of cards, sell each card for $5, $10, or $20 depending upon what you are trying to raffle. Tear the card in half, giving one half to the buyer. This raffle is usually called a speed raffle and done when the people are seated and eating. DO NOT STOP THE AUCTION TO DO THIS RAFFLE. Several events will use a firearm, spotting scope or an item of some value. It usually nets you a good profit.

This raffle usually generates a lot of excitement. You take a numbered board, with the numbers usually in squares of 4x4 inches. You sell all of the squares to your buyers. All of the numbered squares should be placed on a poker chip and thrown into a bucket. Let the buyer reach into the bucket and pull out a chip. At some time during the auction you take a duck and let him loose on the squares. Of course you want to have a wire around the board. Whatever square the bird drops his last meal in is the winning square. This person receives half of the money that was raised by this raffle, or the raffle prize.

Curiosity will always get someone to spend money. Take two items of some value and wrap them in brown paper. Sell raffle tickets for these two items. Place a bucket in front of the items. A good item for this raffle is usually a watch. The curiosity of what they can win usually gets quite a few tickets in the bucket. You don’t want to do a gag gift if you want the people to participate next year, they will remember.


This raffle will generate some fun and could be a very profitable one. Take seven baseball caps, they could be caps from a local sports team, possibly autographed by a celebrity sports figure. They could be your conservation organization caps as well. Auction each cap off in a row; you won’t lose the momentum of the cause. Each buyer will receive one part of the theater ticket. You keep the other ticket. At the completion of the auction of the seven caps reach into the bucket and pull out one ticket. That person just won.

What did they win? I suggest putting a shotgun or rifle in the raffle. I have found in most events each cap will average around $250 per cap and some others have gone as high as $450! Obviously if you have the gun sponsored it generates quite a profit.

This is a fun raffle and will generate you a profit. Purchase a firearm of value around $400 to $500. Put a padlock on the case and lock it. Now take that key and have 5 to 8 other keys available. ONLY ONE KEY UNLOCKS THE LOCK and make sure of this!
Now you will go to your auction program and you will find 5 items of moderate value. In your program space these "KEY ITEMS" auction items every 4th or 5th auction item. Advertise in your program that this is the first item for the mystery gun they will be able to purchase by auction and so forth.

I assure you those items will EXCEED "fair-market" value! The first two items usually pay for the Mystery gun and the rest is profit. For a Mystery Gun Raffle... do not let anyone know what that gun is in the case. At the end of the sale of the last item in the Mystery Gun auction bring all your buyers up front. In the order they purchased their item, let them select a key. I have yet to find an auction where one or two of your buyers will always buy more than one key auction item.

Take a set of elk antlers, deer, antlers or even full bottles of wine, anything that a ring can fit around. Charge $10 for 3 tosses. If the person gets lucky and puts a ring on one of the tines or the neck of the wine bottle give them a prize. This prize could be a limited amount of raffle tickets, a limited edition print, the bottle of wine etc. If you have a certain bottle of wine or tine on one of the antlers that is more difficult to get the ring on, use this as a bonus raffle item. If your buyer gets a ring on to that tine or bottle, give them a certain colored raffle ticket, which can be deposited for a select bonus prize.

Most events will have ladies present and you will want to keep them occupied. Depending on how many ladies you have present (check your ticket list) purchase 50 to 100 long stem roses. Your local florist should be able to sell you these at a reasonable cost. Each time you sell a rose, give the buyer a raffle ticket, you keep one and put it into a container. You should be able to sell these roses for $20 each. Have a table of prizes to give away for the ladies to select from. One of these prizes should be a GRAND PRIZE. It could be a Ladies Luxury package, dinner, manicure, hair dresser, dinner, theater tickets, concert tickets, meal to a fancy restaurant, limo service etc. Several organizations will put a firearm, a fur, or select jewelry in this event. Put the winning tickets into a container. Pull out the tickets and place that name on a view graph and using an overhead projector, identify your winners. This particular raffle usually sells out first.

This raffle will generate some money. Most auctions will include everything in the live auction. Sell the medallions/tickets at $20 each. The buyer keeps the medallion, the corrosponding ticket goes in the bucket. If you sell 100 medallions or tickets, even a $1000 Banquet Rifle will net $1000. Set up a tumbler by the auction table for the buyers to deposit their tickets.

I suggest selling your tickets throughout the course of the evening and make sure your Emcee announces only one ticket will get selected and the winning ticket holder will be able to pick anything off of the live auction. Again make sure you identify these items. Just prior to the live auction announce that they have 5 minutes to get into this raffle. Now, depending upon how many people you have in your audience you can limit the amount of these tickets. If your audience is 200 in attendance, then sell 100 tickets, which will be a selling point.

Remind the audience that several of these items are valued over $500 and they know they will sell high in the live auction. One ticket pulled and that person gets to select one item and will not have to bid against anyone! Put up a sign by your live auction items advertising this raffle.

DO NOT SELL the tickets just before the live auction begins, as it will take up too much time. Just prior to selling the first live auction item, pull one ticket and let that person select their item. Depending on how many people you have, the amount of limited tickets you are going to sell will be your profit margin. Your goal is to sell out all of the tickets. A great way to increase your sales is when everyone is eating their dinner keep advertising your raffle and send through the raffle ticket sellers.

Several organizations will have glassware available for you to purchase for your event. It will usually have the logo of the conservation organization on the piece of glassware you are trying to promote. Several avenues you can select here to make a profit. Several events will purchase the select piece of glassware with the conservation logo and try to get a sponsor to underwrite the purchase price of the glassware. That sponsor can then put their logo on the glassware as well. All profit so far.

Several organizations will get a major distributor to sponsor several kegs of beer or purchase the beer. Make sure the host hotel will tap the keg and serve the beer. Now you can do several things to make a profit. You can sell the glasses at $10 each and the buyer can have a “bottomless cup” basically they can drink until the well runs dry. I usually sell the cup for $10 and give the buyer 5 raffle tickets for a print and let them drink until the well runs dry. Either way it will work for you!

50/50 RAFFLE
This is a simple way to make a quick profit! Sell raffle tickets for $10 to $20 each. They can be keys to open a lock box (as long as only one key actually works!) or put the tickets in mugs, on duck bands, etc. Even easier is to simply sell tickets. The winning ticket is drawn before the live auction, and the winner receives 50% of the money collected. Your organization keeps the other half. The winner usually spends the extra at the auction.

With this raffle game, the objective is to guess the score (Official Boone & Crocket) of an Elk, Deer, Dall Sheep, or any other game animal. The official score must be pre-determined. Sell 3-guesses for 5 dollars, and record the bidder number next to the guesses. Whoever guesses the closest to the actual score wins! You may want a second set of antlers in case there is a tie. Some groups have a guess-sheet with numbered lines between 50 and 500 to avoid two people from guessing the same score.

Fill a gallon jar with elk or deer pellets etc. Similar to the antler/horn scoring raffle, have your attendees guess how many pellets are in the jar. Sell 3-guesses for 5 dollars, and record the bidder number next to the guesses. Whoever guesses the closest to the actual number of pellets wins! Most groups have a guess-sheet with numbered lines between 50 and 1000 to avoid two people from guessing the same number.

A door prize gift is usually given to participants of your event. These items are usually a print or something unique. This is usually a way to get the ice broken at your event by making someone a winner before the auction begins. The time to give away the door prize is when everyone is eating. Have your committee people hand these out, so your guests can finish their meal.

Note: OPEN BUCKLE AUCTION SERVICE WILL NOT SELL THE AMERICAN FLAG OR ANY FORM OF THE BIBLE IN A LIVE AUCTION. If you have either of these items in your event merchandise, please give them away as door prizes! DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE LIVE AUCTION! Thank you for understanding.